MO Ganja Bowl

2022 MO Ganja Bowl Winners:

     1st -   Gelato Cake

     2nd -  Kosher Kush

     3rd -   Lemon Sweet Skunk

2021 MO Ganja Bowl Winners:

     1st -   GMO Cookies
     2nd - Gorilla Pie
     3rd - Diesel Train

2020 MO Ganja Bowl Winners:
1st -   Bubba Fett
2nd - Lemon Haze
3rd -  GG4


Landrace / Heirloom  :

Durban Poison

White Widow

Sativa / Sativa Dominant Hybrid :

Lemon Haze

Diesel Train

Lemon Sweet Skunk

Indica / Indica Dominant Hybrid "

Bubba Fett

GMO Cookies

Kosher Kush

Mixed Hybrid :


Gorilla Pie

Gelato Cake

Most Potent :

Guava Cooler - 38%

What Qualifies a Particular Cannabis Flower as Better or Best?

Intoxication / Healing Effects

When consumed each flower has its own intoxication and healing effects.  The better the flower the better the overall healing effects.

Aroma / Smell

The aroma that emanates from the flower has an effect on our experience, and begins before the flower is consumed.

Taste / Flavor

When consumed each flower should have a pleasant taste based on aromatic compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids.

Appearance / Processing

A beautiful cannabis flower draws the consumer to smell it, and to inhale its aroma and taste.

How is it Grown

The highest quality cannabis flower is grown with the finest genetics, ingredients, and techniques that balance nature, science, and art.


The flower needs to be readily available to Missouri Medical Marijuana patients.  These strains are legally available for purchase at dispensaries in Missouri.

MO Ganja is a public service announcement not intended as an advertisement or endorsement for any and all products, suppliers, and producers of Missouri Medical Marijuana mentioned herein.

MO Ganja is an opinion editorial published by a collective of highly experienced medical cannabis consumers with extensive backgrounds in customer service, horticulture, sustainable gardening, vegetarian cooking, cultural anthropology, and education and curiosity driven research.

Missouri's Best Legal Marijuana
2022 MO Ganja Bowl Flower Winners

Best Sativa / Sativa Dominant Hybrid  :

                    Lemon Sweet Skunk  grown by Terrapin

Best Indica / Indica Dominant Hybrid  :

                    Kosher Kush    grown by Sinse

Best Mixed Hybrid  :

                    Gelato Cake    grown by InThe Flow

Most Potent Flower  :

                    Guava Cooler (38%)    grown by Sinse

2021 MO Ganja Bowl Flower Winners
Best Sativa / Sativa Dominant Hybrid  :

                    Diesel Train grown by illicit gardens

Best Indica / Indica Dominant Hybrid  :

                    GMO Cookies grown by illicit gardens

Best Mixed Hybrid  :

                    Gorilla Pie grown by illicit gardens

Best Landrace / Heirloom / Classic  :

                    White Widow grown by illicit gardens

2020 MO Ganja Bowl Flower Winners

Best Sativa / Sativa Dominant Hybrid  :

                    Lemon Haze grown by Archimedes

Best Indica / Indica Dominant Hybrid  :

                    Bubba Fett grown by C4 Farms

Best Mixed Hybrid  :

                    GG4 grown by C4 Farms

Best Landrace / Heirloom / Classic :

                    Durban Poison grown by Archimedes

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